Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Build Springfield, Missouri Home

Is the heartland ready for the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt circus?  A report claims that the Bible belt may wish to buckle up as the Pitt-Jolie clan is reportedly building a ‘Missouri mansion’ so they can hopefully spend some time with the kids near Pitt’s traditional family.

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Build Missouri Home
Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Build Missouri Home

Star Magazine reports that the home will have seven bedrooms.


“He and Angie bought a lot of furniture and artifacts in Africa,” a source tells the weekly magazine.  “They plan on bringing those to Springfield.”    Even though a report earlier from Star claimed that Jolie and her quasi in-laws were not getting along so well right now, the home is but a mere quarter mile from Pitt’s folks Bill and Jane home.

That home reportedly already has a nursery for baby Shiloh at the ready.


But will Angie ever spend time at the Pitt’s house?  Star cites a source that claims she will never spend a night there.

And the magazine’s cover story notes a tense situation during Brad and Angie’s adopted son Maddox’s birthday party.


The report claimed that the Pitt clan (dad Bill, 65, mom, 66, brother Doug, 39, sister Julie, 37, and their spouses and kids) flew out to California from hometown Springfield, Mo., on Thursday, Aug. 3 – but stayed only two days, leaving a few days earlier than planned, on the actual day of Maddox’s party!

“Things were very tense that weekend,” the friend tells Star, “and they left with an even worse impression of Angie than before. They think she’s tactless and doesn’t consider other people’s feelings.”


Can Brad play peacemaker?  And what will the sleepy Springfield think of the attention Jolie and Pitt receive if they spend time at their new digs?

It could get very interesting in Springfield if the circus that follows the couple around comes to town.

–Cyndi James writes from Denver

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43 Comments on “Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Build Springfield, Missouri Home”

  1. Max Says:

    Interesting Story! I used to live in Springfield and knew people that used to live near Brad’s family years ago. The family was always pretty nice from what I heard.

  2. Miki Says:

    I thought they are building their dream mud hut in Africa.

  3. Jazmyne Says:

    I’m a college student in Springfield, and hear about this at a party last night! Ha!

    Wonder if he will ever be in public, or walk around downtown…

    Exciting stuff, exciting stuff..

  4. Carolyn Says:

    It is my understanding that Brad’s parents don’t live in Springfield anymore. They actually live in a nearby county. I read on another web site that the home he is supposedly building is near his parent’s home. Therefore that would mean that his home will actually not be in Springfield but about 20 miles away in nearby Christian County.

    And in response to Jazmyne, I have heard that his mother likes a Chinese restaurant on Campbell Street in South Springfield. Brad likes a restaurant downtown on Walnut Street called Bijans.

  5. Jon Says:

    His family actually lives 2 doors down from me in southwest Greene county(springfields county) about 2-3 miles from christian county in a subdivision developed by the pitts called Rivercut. There is no media here when they come into town, he walks freely around with everyone else and personally Aaron buerge(the first bachelor) gets more attention with his resturaunt downtown than Pitt does. I think the media will have quite a time with the surrounding farmers and trigger happy rednecks that live in rivercut(quite a few). Maybe thats why they have stayed away!

  6. Karen Bouchard Says:

    Brad and Angelina will last anyway. She has no class and he will realize that he should have stayed with Jennifer. Missouri is no place for Angelina. Jennifer is definitely a girl that would fit in the mid-western states.

  7. Karen Bouchard Says:

    My mistake, I mean that Brad and Angelina will NOT

  8. Karen Bouchard Says:

    My mistake, I mean that Brad and Angelina will NOT last as a couple.

    • Leighanne Says:

      im so glad and im sure brad is waiting on pins and needles waiting for your approval on his relationship and what will and wont last… oh and BTW brad has been with Angelina 8 years and was with jennifer only 7 … 90 % of the population has multiple relationships before they meet their “one and only” what he had with Jennifer is over … you should get over it as well… he is now with Angelina and has children together … doesnt that make this relationship more important then his last where there were no children all of you Jennifer toters should just be happy that Jenn has moved on or would you rather jenn and brad be together just to make the likes of you happy.. are you that unhappy in your own life that you have to force unhappiness on others ?

  9. I’m glad he is just being Brad and not let anyone tell him otherwise. As far as Jolie her longest relationship was with a women( 13 years). I hope they can last that long. I hope she dosen’t burn him and make a fool of him he is to good a person. She will get bored and find another passion or so called duty as she has throughout her life. I pity her Truly.

  10. AC Says:

    Who can say how long they will last ..when you love someone you it is forever. Most of us have loved deeply more than ounce in our lives and I think Angelina most certainly has a place here in SGF or anywhere else for that matter…This is a web-site that I stumbled onto by mistake and was soooo put off from the things I read I just had to say something as a springfieldon my self…they are great entertainers to us….. but to the children they adopt and to the people in the world that they give them self so selfishly to they are the savers of life..they don’t know them as entertainers but givers of hope. I have been around the world ..more that ounce and donate to many charities each year ….what do you contribute to this earth…. but your gossip and bias opinion???? Then again if we didn’t have you…how could we appreciate us?????

  11. olivia Says:

    I think Angie & Brad are a lovely couple who are deeply in love. Brad has far more in common with Angie than he did with Jennifer even though she was a nice person. I can see Angie & Brad being together for the rest of their lives and continiuing to help each other grow as human beings and finding joy in the raising of their children. and their philanthropic endeavors. I know what it’s like to be a child lover. I was a teacher for many years and I loved all of my children. There were many I would love to have taken home. If you can afford to have lots of children, it is probably one of the greatest joys to be there for them and help them explore life and become who they are meant to be. Angie & Brad have the resources to help their children in every way and most of all they have the common desire and the ability to love them even if they don’t come from their own bodies. That is a most rare quality indeed. Unqualified, unconditional love and acceptance is the greatest gift that we can give our children and then follow that with support and encouragement and most of all time, giving of yourself to them, for them. These children are going to do good things in the world.

  12. DaSon'e Says:

    have photo of home in nearing end process of being built. but wont release it and is not quite where it is expected to be.

  13. Mel C. Says:

    Like most here I can’t see this lasting. She is too strange and in the looks dept. in my opinion Jen has her beat. How can Aaron Burge get any attention? He is pretty gross.

  14. kiki Says:

    Who cares let them be…

  15. bubu Says:

    Every person has a past and Angie is no exception. She is is more mature and has changed for the better.Ange and Brad love each other otherwise they wouldnt be together. we all need to just leave them alone so they can enjoy their new life together. how long have you people been waiting for them to just fall aort so you can laugh in their faces??? Unfortunately they seem to grow stronger and closer and more inlove by the day. So Soooorrry!!! but you people need to get a life!! To Ange and Brad….. CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU WALK DOWN THE AILE!!! BEIEVE ME ……… wil shame your enemies and make your children really happy. Am on your side!!

  16. WB Says:


  17. ciara Says:

    i think that ANGE is such a role model to everyone.why cant people leave them alone instead of predicting how long they are goin to last!

  18. irene carola Says:

    i love u too and some times i really wish that i can you photos all over my room but i known it is impossible but i believe one day god will make me see u both of you pysically i live in AFRICA in Cameroon bye i love u two

  19. ange is a role model for every one. I love him very much and see both the couple in India
    . God blessing both the ange n pitt

  20. […] the Internet further I come upon the “Jolie-Pitt Springfield home”. And yet further I arrive at “Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Join Bill Clinton for Global […]

  21. Amber Says:

    I live in Springfield, and Brad was in town the other day, came in to pick up some diapers in walmart! LOL

  22. Mack Says:

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  23. Bob Says:

    I agree with the person who says that Brad has more in common with Angelina, don’t get me wrong Jennifer Aniston is hot as hell, but there is no substance there, wheras Angelina actually wants to make a difference in this world!

  24. Theresa Says:

    Brad wants to bring the circus to town so that his kids can know what it’s like to live a normal life. I just hope it doesn’t turn our town into a circus.

  25. Blake Says:

    All I can say is ‘Culture Shock’.

  26. Clay Says:

    Jon, you are full of it. I’m pretty sure the Pitts don’t live in Rivercut and they certainly didn’t develop the neighborhood. You don’t seem credible.

  27. amanda Says:

    I agree, Clay. The Pitts were developers of a (very) small neighborhood a few miles north of Rivercut, but neither developed nor reside in Rivercut. Most Springfieldians consider that common knowledge.

  28. dave marx Says:

    actually, the pitts have bought silver dollar city in nearby branson, mo and have decided to turn it into their own amusement park/family compound. it was in the paper in branson last week.

  29. Don Says:

    Was just w Bill Pitt in Ok City @ 50th HS reunion this past week Saturday Oct 3.
    Bill Pitt is a nice guy w a successful son and he has also a daughter named Julie and brother named Doug by all accounts they are all nice people.
    Bill was a very good basketball player and went to school on scholarship @ OBU in Shawnee where he met Brad’s mom Jane and married her then Brad was born in Shawnee Oklahoma.
    All the Pitt’s are wonderful people.

  30. terigirl Says:

    Look out Angie! I am back in town and got my eye on Brad!

  31. JERK Says:

    I hope their house burns down with Slutlina in it. Angelina is a MARRIAGE WRECKING WHORE.

  32. Jennifer Says:

    Someone said Brad was too nice to put up with Angelina. I saw him on Oprah and he was a big headed creep. His whole demenor was that he was too good to be on that show and acted like he was tolerating sitting there talking to Oprah and anserwing questions from the audience. Brad and Angelina both deserve one another and they can be miserable together.

  33. DON Says:

    See some people on this site blasting Brad and Angelina again,what does that gain?
    I personally know Brad’s dad Bill and went to HS w him in Shawnee Oklahoma,very nice guy and a very good athlete basketball player for Shawnee Wolves and Oklahoma Baptist Bisons.Have never met Brad but can tell you the all of the Pitts I have known are good people,people that say otherwise do not know them.

  34. TIM Says:


  35. Love Says:

    Brad’s family still lives in Springfield.
    I know them!<—-True Statement!
    First, the majority of Springfield residents are not rednecks or farmers. So don't assume!
    Second, Rivercut was not developed by the Pitt's! They have their own gated community. By the way, there is a reason its gated! They don't want reporters and paparazzi at or around their house. They are a family! Doug Pitt has a family and so does Julie! All of the Pitt's are very nice people and are very considerate to the community! Doug has a foundation to help children who need basic necesities like shower items and school supplies! Please STOP making assumptions about Brad and Angie both are loving and caring parents!

    • I’ve been waiting for a voice of reason to speak up. I’ve lived in Springfield all my life. I don’t consider it a ‘sleepy town’. …still waiting for some one to address that one.

      I do think there is something else going on here. In an attempt for some to show how we know this or know that about Brad Pitt/Pitt Family Trivia – look, just LOOK at how many of you have spilled your guts about Pitt information.

      It is my understanding that one of the blessings of being from such a ‘sleepy’ town as Springfield is you get to live and let live. Maybe there comes a time the family likes to breeze into town and relax and visit family, with out gockers site seeing……at THEM!

      In this day and age keeping any location private is a challenge, but lets not go out of our way to give blow by blow instuctions to strangers on the internet where to find our famous neighbors. Lets not go out of our way to give their family member’s names, and other details. Yes, again I agree these details are easy enough to come by for most people, but do WE want to be THE person to have spoon fed the exact particulars to the creap that tracks them down to inflict harm on them?

      And after it’s all said and done, there is only one reason I can think of that a person would tap tap tap away on a key board on the world wide web about key juicy tid bitys about local celebs. It is a feather in OUR hat to have it be known that WE have the inside scoop on such famous folks! We love the attention it brings US! WE feel kinda sorta like celebs, huh! Yeppers! Ever hear the old expression, ‘Loose lips sink ships?’

      Now, this is the real deal. Either the Pitt family is a member of our community or they’re not. And if they are a member of out community, either we need to include them in a sort of ‘neighborhood watch’ or we don’t. Which will it be?


  36. Leokimber Says:

    I seen where the parents in Mo. and it is GORGEOUS

  37. Leokimber Says:

    I mean I seen the outside gated house and absolutly GORGEOUS

  38. krista Says:

    were use to them coming in. Yes it is announce but most of the people here care more about his brother Doug and what he has done here than them too. I love living in Springfield Mo I know I can get OUT!

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