Angelina Jolie Ducks Dad Jon Voight at LA Event

Los Angeles can be a very small town in the world of celebrity.   Everyone’s striking new mom Angelina Jolie caused quite a stir with her appearance at a photography exhibit with beau Brad Pitt.

Angelina Jolie Near Miss With Estranged Dad Jon Voight in LA
Angelina Jolie Near Miss With Estranged Dad Jon Voight in LA

The couple’s night out was reportedly to help boost Scott Caan’s launch of an LA photograph exhibition.  But another man almost spoiled the show, Jolie’s pop Jon Voight was there and a report claims that Angie ducked away so she wouldn’t have to face him.


Though photogs were all over Brad and Angie, the real story according to the Daily 10 from E!, was the Jolie – Voight near miss.

Remember that whole small town thing?

The actor’s rep told E! that he wasn’t aware that his daughter would be at the exhibit.  But this could have been the perfect time for a reunion – right?

Those kids certainly could use their grandpa.

But apparently Angie is still a bit upset about that whole ‘Angie has serious mental issues’ interview Voight gave to Access Hollywood way back in 2002.


E! reported on Thursday night that once Angelina was made aware that her estranged pop was “in the building” she refused to see him and the report said she decided to wait outside until she was certain he had left.

She then went in once the coast was clear.

This certainly doesn’t sound as if she will be forgiving Voight anytime soon.

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2 Comments on “Angelina Jolie Ducks Dad Jon Voight at LA Event”

  1. Angelina’a attitude towards her father seems to contradict her attitude towards basic humanity. It’s none of our business at the end of the day, that’s true, but how big a heart can Angelina really have if she can’t forgive her own father for his offenses against her?

  2. JERK Says:

    What Angelina is doing is unfair to her children. Angelina is a BITCH,CUNT&TWAT. Evil mother of the year. Should she forgive&forget? Life is too short. She can’t stay mad at her father forever. If this continues,someday her father won’t be around. Then she’ll be sorry. Her behhavior&actions towards Jon does not excuse the fact. He is a grandpa to those kids.

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