Angelina Jolie’s Drinking Problem

We got this tip via Kiana M.

Angelina Jolie reportedly upset Brad Pitt’s teetotaling parents by having an open bar at their grandson Maddox’s birthday party. Brad’s folks traveled from Missouri especially for the kid’s fifth birthday, but it’s said that Jolie virtually ignored them and upset Jane Pitt by providing alcohol and being intoxicated. The Pitts flew home two days earlier than expected. “Things were very tense that weekend, and they left with an even worse impression of Angelina than before,” said a source. “They think she is tactless and doesn’t consider other people’s feelings.” Well, at least it wasn’t a cash bar.

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17 Comments on “Angelina Jolie’s Drinking Problem”

  1. anonimce Says:

    Who believes this crap!!!!
    This story is false, Doug Pitt (Brad`s brother said so)

  2. People want to believe it, whether it’s true or not. She’s not quite that popular among certain people and certain crowds, nevermind that she fits the profile of someone who would do that.

  3. Miki Says:

    Well, his mom is right on the dot with that comment that she’s tactless and doesn’t consider other people’s feelings. What else is new besides her drinking problmes????Is she still on drugs????

  4. Suzannah Says:

    No real person is ever quoted or credited with saying any of the spurious crapola that gets printed about this pair, or any other celebrity for that matter. It’s all an unnamed “friend of” or “a source close to”.

    These stories are written from and for the perspective of adolescent jealous fantasy. Why would they build close to his famiy if she hates them / they hate her?

    How any of theses celebrity couples survive the gossip, speculation and lies published about them is a wonder in itself.

    Angelina is often maligned as having a drug problem when in fact she portrayed someone with a drug problem. Are they going to start believing she is a bungy-jumping heiress that fights bad guys with her inflatable boobs?

    She is a person with great ambition, vision, and influence. Unlike many of her more selfish contemporaries, she actually uses that power for good. Let’s hope she and her man can make it through the morass of American media, who profit off their every move.

  5. Ben Says:

    Yes, it is a wonder. And I agree, she does some great work, and should be commended for it.
    I think it’s possible that the studios and agents are behind all the gossip. They want their stars in front of people, keeping the fame alive. I doubt many of the stars give a rat’s ass what the media prints about them after the first dozen lies or so.

  6. raincoaster Says:

    She certainly DID have a drug problem, but from the looks of her lately that’s very much in the past. Hasn’t she quit smoking, too? My rehab-worker friends tell me that’s harder to quit than heroin.

    People in recovery tend to try hard not to overindulge in other intoxicants. I certainly believe she had an open bar, because if you can afford it that’s just simple hospitality and she certainly can afford it and is hospitable. But did Brad’s parents freak out about it? I know teetotallers, and they know if they flipped at the way other people ran their parties they’d be sitting at home every night instead. I doubt they threw a fit.

  7. Robin Anderson Says:


  8. Magali Says:

    Angelina es hermosa!!! y eso que hace con los niños de africa me parece estupendo!!! ojala algunos actores siguieran sus pasos!!! La amoooo!!

  9. olivia Says:

    This drinking thing makes no sense at all. I doubt that Angie drinks very much at all. Plus, if Brads family loves Anniston so much, she certainly drinks. In fact there have been many stories of her drinking over the past couple of years. I’m not condemming her, I’m sure she is just having a good time with friends and drinks as a social thing. But this is why this story makes no sense. I have never heard of Angie drinking. She may drink, but I’ve just never read anything about it. Anyway, it is silly and I doubt that Jen or Angie have a “drinking problem”. They probably just have a couple of drinks socially. People who do not drink have to keep an open mind. I personally don’t drink, but I don’t care if other people do, as long as they aren’t loud and in my face about it.

  10. Kisakookoo Says:

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  11. secret Says:

    i think everyone shouldnt stick up for angelina jolie, but instead stick up for jennifer aniston, i personally think that brad pitt would be much better off with jennifer aniston, angelina jolie is a homewrecker !!!

  12. Ahmad Says:

    I think that this story is untrue, because why would you annoy your new in laws, coming form the position AJ came from, it just doesnt make sense that she wants more drama attracted to her life.


  13. It seems like Angelina hasn’t read and applied the famous book entitled “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” An open bar at a kids’ five-year-old birthday party? I have read many of Angelina’s comments and have heard her talk via quite a few interviews. She is extremely bright and articulate. Something isn’t making sense here and the culprit is probably the influence of alcohol. This is just another situation that illustrates the fact that people from all socio-economic groups, from al political parties, from all occupations, from all religious groups, and from all walks of life can and do suffer from drinking problems.

  14. Keith Says:

    Jolie’s own father, Jon, says she needs help. Her ex-Billy Bob is (self admitted) bi-polar. Having suffered in a marriage for 5 years with a bi-polar wife, I see ample similarities in Jolie’s behavior to support that she is too. For instance, normal people do not get into blood and cutting play as part of their sex lives. BDSM, ditto, I know, been their done that with my ex who was the instigator. Those activities are represetitive of self destructive “edge” play behavior. Alcohol abuse is another, lots of bi-polar sufferers self medicate with alcohol knowingly or unknowingly. The number of drug and alcohol related melt downs in Hollywood tells me that there is a higher precentage than normal of BP individuals there, drawn their by their inability to do anything else.

    Sexual identity confusion. Another symptom, These people don’t know what they want, male or female. Anne Heche, Lindsay Lohan…Jolie. All birds of feather. My ex was the same way. She had her girlfriends and boyfriends. Which segues to the next, promiscuity. They look for love and validation in someones, anyone’s bed. They always come home, because you are their emotional security blanket and their care taker.

    Sexual adventurism. Brad is hooked in the bedroom. Jolie probably rocked and rocks his world there. My ex did the same to me. Want another woman? I’ll bring her to you if I can watch…there are no limits for these types. I know. Absolutely none.

    Love. They don’t know what it means. It is always ever about them. They have no conception of loyalty or real emotional attachement. They can turn what they call “love” on and off like a light switch. Jolie’s maenagerie of kids is for selfish reasons. As my ex said about her 3 kids (not mine) who she was unable to give emotional support to, since she couldn’t deal with her own emotions, was “babies are the only ting that give you unconditional love.” Well she had pets too for the same reason, but neglected them too. Jolie is collecting her brood simply to get that love, and when the kids are bigger and can’t provide it and actually begin to require emotional support from’ll see the fireworks. The public will only ever see the tip of the iceberg. Violence, rage, and abuse are the norm. People around them have to walk on egg shells continually during certian parts of their phases.

    The problem is that hollywood gives these suffer’s a pass because it really is a mental illness and that word is forbidden. Vivien Leigh (Scarlet Ohare) was BP and was finally committed by her husband, Sir Lawrence Olivier, back in the day when you could do that sort of thing. He got tired of all the symptoms I cited above. Looking at Leigh on the screen, could any of you have diagnosed anything wrong with her? Emphatically not. The phrase “hurt the one you love” was probably coined by someone that was BP. Only the spouse or significant other ever really sees what the person is really like. My ex owned a pub and all the customers never had a clue. She might slip at times get drunk and make out with another woman in the ladies room…but that of course was chalked up to the alcohol. Jolie will eventually melt down, but only after her and Brad have been history. The kids will be the ultimate victims.

  15. terigirl Says:

    Drink up Angie and then send him my way.

  16. JERK Says:

    Too bad Jane didn’t slap,punch&kick Skankelina in the
    face. I HATE ANGELINA. Jane knows what a TRAMP her WHORE daughter in law is.

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