Angelina Jolie’s Father Befuddled

As if the feud between Angelina Jolie and her estranged father Jon Voight was not acute enough, the grandfather of Zahara Jolie made another embarassing remark.

Jon Voight was caught on tape at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Tea Party on Saturday, where he mistakenly called his granddaughter Shakira instead of Zahara.

Entertainment news Web site has posted footage of Voight sending birthday wishes to his grandson Maddox saying, “Maddox just had a birthday. Happy birthday, Maddox! Five years old — it’s a big one! You’re going to be a young man, and I send my love out to you. And send my love to … uh … Shakira … and Shahira …”

The befuddled grandfather then asked the reporter, “Is it Shakira or Shahira?” When the reporter replied that the correct name was Zahara, the confused Voight added, “Shahara! Shahara!”

Zahara’s name means “flower” in Swahili, the second name “Marley” comes from late Jamaican reggae superstar Bob Marley. Zahara’s nickname is “Z”.

Angelilna Jolie and Brad Pitt’s other daughter Shiloh Nouvel, who is three months old, failed to get a mention.

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19 Comments on “Angelina Jolie’s Father Befuddled”

  1. purely Says:

    Zahara means desert/ blossom in Arabic and that swahili translation is bogus
    from kenya ya’ll.

  2. purely Says:

    there is no Zahara translation in swahili .

  3. purely Says:

    If the name is pronounced Sahara it means feaces in Somali.

  4. purely Says:

    Maua means flower in Swahili.

  5. Robin Anderson Says:


  6. Brittany Says:

    Why did you have to mention anything about feaces you idiot? If you don’t have anything good to say just don’t say it at all. It is against all religions, and it is just disrespectful, but I understand if something American in you made you say such a thing. You get no respect from me and I curse day.

  7. Mentor Says:

    u are soo beatyfull.No Comment

  8. mohammadreza Says:

    a am irani i ally ANGELINA JOLIE VOIGHT

  9. vasconcellos Says:


  10. giovirk Says:

    For her karma, Jolie’s daughter Shiloh looks very much like his grandfather actor Jon Voight, Angie hates his father. She wants her way and no father can’t tell her the good way to dothings.

  11. giovirk Says:

    I hate Jlie! For her karma, Jolie’s daughter Shiloh looks very much like his grandfather actor Jon Voight, Angie hates his father. She wants her way and no father can’t tell her the good way to dothings.

  12. Mia Says:

    Did you Know!! Jolie is sad and depressed because her daughter Shiloh looks like her grand Father Jon Voight! Jolie is crazy!!
    Jolie hates her Father, she is a mad dog or b….
    Jolie had the kids to control Brad and her father. Also for making news.

  13. Galen Says:

    I have an unpopular theory (oddly, it has some very special “backing” that makes it hard to escape, at least for me, this opinion of mine) that piercing ourselves and marking our flesh for any reason whatsover causes pain and therefore it is OBVIOUSLY and conspicuously undesirable except to an utter dolt like AJ, since it and even SHE (like just about anything) is something our Creator could do directly and swiftly and not wait until someone is old enough, if our Creator wanted us to have marks on our flesh, or unusually large or extra-capable body parts (any guy could have been made to have the biggest “thing” whatever that thing is). Others love to point out to me (quite firmly and stiffly they’ll point it out, especially those twenty-somethings and the teenagers who believer that THEY are god now) that if I were to “read the Bible” I would know what they know (yet they somehow have just explained how ignorant they are with the assumption that I forgot to read the book first and then shoot off my mouth, like they are doing).

    Unlike the lovely Angel woman over which apparently nobody thinks I am qualified to “judge” — since I myself am not judged (oops, yes I am too) — there are no tattoos on my body although it was never something I was afraid of getting (pain does not bother me like it does other people, so that’s easy-peasy for me, you’d never “dare” me to do anything just to get me to prove that I can “take it” since I can probably “take it” more than you and it is of no use to prove it, it will go one way or the other and I will not feel better knowing that I am more numb than you) — so then why do I like my birthmarks (defects on my skin) so much more than anyone (I do mean ANYONE in whatever mean way this can be meant) and believe Ms. Jolie is truly someone who is under the spell of the non-existent bible character?

    How arrogant of me to think AJ is not “the best tits” at all but the modern Jezebel in spades. Most of her best character assassinations are the ones she does on “motherhood” itself. Maybe motherhood is another foolish conservative idea that needs to join the thinking of Mr. Obama and all the bright young folk. Folkers. Mother folkers. They believe in their own version of god anyway. You know the one. $atan is the green snake. Get THEE behind me, rich people!

    Thus said a sinner and spendthrift hopelessly named Galen. Sue me if you disagree, and prove your point to the jury of awards. Just do not make that fatal eternal mistake and be a goofball for Christ. Never trust God again, if you love Angie! (the one I am “not” judging since I cannot, even try)

    Another theory is that God will non-existently just DO IT to herself any day now. She is truly what we have let her make herself into, and now she will not get out of IT. She really is IT now. Forever, and getting worse that way. Above reproach, and beneath contempt. Eternally blessed with herself. The planet is not expanding. If anything it is shrinking, like her chances of ever coming clean. Hating parents is unnatural. We would not be here today arguing if Angelina were always right.

  14. Angel of Death Says:

    Her beheading should be swiftly executed.

  15. luke Says:

    Since Angelina Jolie has barred Jon Voight from seeing her or her children, perhaps it isn’t so surprising. So Robin Anderson it is like he doesn’t know them! Since he has never met Zahara talk of him as the grandfather, given that Zahara is adopted, is pretty meaningless. Surely not mentioning his blood relative Shiloh Nouvel, his real granddaughter, is what is “embarrassing”!

    For those who criticise Angelina Jolie, she is a goodwill ambassador and clearly a nicer person than a lot of the other Hollywood trash who make a name for themselves by their abuse of drugs or making sex videos.

  16. Julia Says:

    Angelina Jolie 🙂

  17. JERK Says:

    Angelina is a CUNT,BITCH,&TWAT. Angelina is a Marriage
    Wrecking WHORE,and a Man Stealing SLUT. Angelina should be stripped off from UN Ambassador title.

  18. CG Says:

    JERK – you must be Jennifer Aniston using an alias, all you’re doing is hating. How many different men has Aniston been with since Brad left her – TOO MANY!!! What would you call that….desperate.

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