Angelina Jolie Rumor: Pregnant Again?

Angelina Jolie may or may not be in the family way again.

In Touch Weekly‘s front page story claimed the actress, 31, was sporting a “telltale bump” — three months after giving birth to the couple’s first biological child, Shiloh Nouvel.

A source has pointed out in the tabs that Jolie is exhibiting the exact same kind of behavior she did before announcing Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt’s conception: “crying one minute and laughing the next.”

However, Pitt’s spokesperson told the New York Daily News, “It’s so stupid. That magazine is a joke.”

Anyway, other reports say Brad Pitt is thrilled.

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68 Comments on “Angelina Jolie Rumor: Pregnant Again?”

  1. chardi Says:

    so what if she is pregant why dont the press leave her alone same with ever celebrity.

  2. Jess Says:

    Pregnant? Doubt it. Probably just baby fat from her pregnancy with Shiloh.

  3. Leah Says:

    WHOULD U PEOPLE STOP GOSSIPIN’ ABT HER ! if she wants to get pregnant she will.. leave her alone she’s a good and caring person .. she deserved better than that

  4. unoalgiorno Says:

    Dear Angelina: more oral, less the rest.

  5. yumevagina Says:

    If A. Jolie is pregnant again…Who really cares that much…its just a way for us regular
    women to compare our paths in life to those of celebrities…and in the end you find out
    that hey you know what? FAMOUS WOMEN HUMP JUST LIKE WE DO…and sometime
    dont wear condoms!!! Shes a beauty …so is he…hump on my friends!

  6. bex Says:

    if she wants anuva baby then let her av one! she is great and is a great mum! u haters shud try to b more like her!

  7. Wendy Says:

    Just leave her alone and be with her family, and not worry about her having another baby

  8. Kelly Says:

    I agree that they should be left alone. But on the other hand, she has a 5 year old, 22 month old, and a 3 month old. Do we have to re-populate the country be ourselves? Oh yeah, she has Britney Spears to help her with that. I guess no one told these woman that you are very furtil right after giving birth. Enjoy the kids you got. Give them a little love and attention before you get knocked up again. Her and Brad have only been together for what like a year. And already going on 2nd child? I guess trying to get it out of the way before they each get with another co-star…..

  9. Deb Says:

    To each his own….and when she tires of Brad and moves on, he will be stuck with a huge amount of child support. Go for it Ang. I hope Brad’s career keeps going strong. He’s had a lot of practice sobbing, hope it doesn’t turn out to be for real.

  10. meret Says:

    That may be baby fat left oevr from the last pregnancy.

  11. meret Says:

    I agree, baby fat left over from the last pregnancy.

  12. Corunna Says:

    If I had lye down in the same bed with Brad each night, I’d be pregnant again! If the claim is true…congrats ‘again’ Angelina and Brad.

    – Detroit, MI

  13. shannon rank Says:

    Does it really matter if she is pregnate. if she is then good for them. let them have some privacy expecially for the children when they are old enough to make the decision they want to do what their ;parents doooooooo

  14. caryn Says:

    once a cheater… i hope that wont do for either one of them. love them both… and Jennifer. caryn

  15. Jean Bradley Says:

    I will probablly be dead when you get around to reading this but I just want to say that Brad and Angelina are to beautiful people who do not just think about themselves. I wish I had somone in my life as warm and giving as they are. If there had anyone in my life I would not be s alone and depressed, so brad and Angelina I love and respect you. Take care and continue show others what caring and love iis about

  16. deedee56 Says:

    I have to laugh at the fact that neither of these two celebs will marry until gay marriage is allowed. I don’t see that happening too soon. What a “cop out!” If they’re pregnant, who cares? My life does not revolve around what Brad and Angelina do or don’t do, and whether you realize it or not, they don’t give a flyin’ fig about any of you!!! People……….get a life!!

  17. CheRRy69 Says:

    Yeeeeah!!! I mean WhO wOuldn’t Get PregNant Again From BRAD PITT!! Rite? I think EveryOne shOuld just stOp the HatiNg and LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!! Yeah sO, CONGRATULATIONS tO yOu, and EnjOy yOur 2nd BABY!!! As tO the Rest Of yOu F#$% Off!!!!!

  18. Hmm isit true that she is actually pregnant? Well if she is good luck to her, i would love to have beautiful babies like Shiloh, anyways if she is good luck and congrats to her– Haters move on~~..

  19. jlamb Says:

    Just had a m/c. Hope you don’t have one. They suck.

  20. erin Says:

    Who cares?????????????????

  21. dark faith Says:

    stop posting bitch if you dont care go to your aniston dog liver dog

  22. AJHAter Says:

    AJ is not a good person. She is a FREAK and all this humitarian work she was doing was just all pre-PR to even out the fact that she not only slept with a married man, but got knocked up by him too too. She knew it was going to hurt her career bad when it came out. That is why she beefed it up over in Africa and all. Newsflash: we got starving and homeless kids right here in America. How about helping your own country first? That is what’s wrong with all these stupid a$$ celebrities. They just don’t get it. Her and Brad Pritt deserve eachother b/c they both are sick, they both are losers and they both are washed up and their careers are both over. Go ahead keep shitting out the babies you ho bag. Who really cares…have ten more for all I care!!

  23. Msgr. Stipes Says:

    Hey, AJHAter, take a breath! Next time try AJIndifference. I mean really, if I was you I would be embarrased to know that some complete stranger I didn’t know evoked so much negative passion from me. What does that kind of hate get you? Ahh, fun, right, got you.

    Angie is a goddess and unlike many I liked her union with Billy Bob. When I saw her for the first time in Gia I was mesmerized. I love the fact she is out there and a freak. Everybody else out there in celebrity land is so white bread and boring and all going the same way. Their ‘Enquire’ antics seem insiped when compared to this beautiful creature who lives according to a precious other code. I could go on….Long life and happiness to her and her family. Long may she run!

  24. Msgr. Stipes Says:

    To Jean Bradley

    Sorry to hear you sounding so despondent. Please, hang in there!

  25. sara canon Says:

    IF she is pregnant she is really damaging her already scrawny body. After I gave birth the doctor told me that I would be very fertile for awhile and that getting pregnant before a year is up is very damaging to the body. No wonder she is fainting.

  26. katherine Says:

    i agree with everyone…the magazines should no we dont care and even if we did, we want to know good things that happen to them not bad things. well at least i like to read the happy parts about there lives if i ever read them at all! leave them alone they can do what they want!

  27. canada Says:

    I think Angelia Jolie is disgusting and should be put away. She is ugly. Big fat lips.
    Totally undesirable

  28. Sammi Says:

    I don’t think people are all jealous of Angelina nor do they really hate her. I think she’s just a hypocrite and people just can’t stand it. She will not have anything to do with her father because he left her mother ..what about Angie? She took another woman’s hus band. Deny it all you want, she did. You’re not a friend, lending a hand or a shoulder, you do it for a reason…she wanted him and it was an opportunity…AND she took it. Of course it’s not all her fault…he definitely had a lot to do with it. He picked her to be opposite him in that show Mr. and Mrs. Smith. So he had intentions too. She should really take a good look at herself in the mirror. She can’t really hate her father can she??? She is exactly like him. He left her mother, and she took Jennifer’s husband. What makes her and her father so different. She is just as bad as him.

    She may be an excellent mother but when her children grow up they are going to learn that their mother couldn’t find a man a single man to hold on to. She had to actually take someone’s husband. She is just not such a great person.

    Nobody really hates her, they just see her for who she really is. A selfish, man stealing woman.

  29. Elizabeth Choate Says:

    I really feel sorry for Angelina for having a womanizing father and she was so young when she married billy bob that she didn’t know what she was doing. godd luck to her and heather mills.

  30. Jill Says:

    If Angelina Jolie won’t marry until gay marriage is legal then why is she with a man??? If her stand is to support the gay movement then isn’t she sending a mixed maessage? I don’t agree with the gay movement, but I also don’t think think that someone should be sending a mixed message if they want to get their point across.

    I really don’t care for either actor, but just thought that I would put in my two cents for what it’s worth. I feel sorry for all those kids. They have parents that don’t have a clue.

  31. Sheryvia Says:

    Note to you people implying “stealing” Brad Pitt;
    You cannot steal a living creature. Being married does not imply ownership. Obviously the thing going on between Jennifer and Brad wasn’t working out. And what’s wrong with falling in love and admitting to it? I think lying to your spouse about your true feelings and staying with them for pity is far more disgusting than being honest. I’m not going to pretend to know anything about their relationship, but seriously people! And how does Angelina being “ugly” have anything to do with anything? Who gives a flying fudge about whether she’s ugly or not? (I personally don’t think so, for the record. Gorgeous woman!) If ugly people were not allowed to be happy or have children then the whole world might aswell just blow itself up and rid us all of our uglyness. Ever heard of “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”? Because NEWSFLASH; It’s TRUE!
    And also you don’t have to be gay to support gay marriage. I believe Angelina is a believer of “you love who you love” so if it had been a woman then so be it but it was Brad Pitt so that’s that. Also, how can any of you say anything about their parenting skills? Do any of you know them personally? There are in all probability far worse parents out there. Maybe you should be hunting down the crackwh*re mothers and abusive fathers and tell them to stop breeding instead of picking people who are put in the limelight because this world obviously doesn’t have enough negative media coverage.
    There. Covered everything I meant to cover. The end.

  32. romi Says:

    people people, Angelina jolie is stunningly beautiful and those bagging her out are just plain jealous, its so ovbious! and i think its great if she helps orphans, who cares if it’s false(which i do not beleive) at least these poor innocent darlings are being cared for!
    and who gives a shit if she hooked up with brad, there personal life is there buisness

  33. tina Says:

    there is one thing angela jolie knows very well and that is to make money.

  34. kristina Says:

    i dont like angelina jolie,but i have to admit that she is stunning.Brad and Angelina are a gorgeus couple,it is interesting to read about them etc…They most definetly know how to make money about every $ given to someone from the 3rd world countries.what is it that they really are? actors? talented and lucky people who know how to sell themselves as saints,freaks,sex symbols,originallies or what ever.Many celebrities give a lot to charity work and dont make it for the potential benefit they might get it themselves as if it was made concerning yhe public eye.Of course they try make their image as good as possible and try to be an example.They have anyway great kids,pretty&happy it seems all three.I would be very surprised if AJ was pregnant again,she may like kids,but also her body and sex symbol figure.Not an another britney

  35. Fiabigfan Says:

    People R so stupid angelinajolie is not ugly if she is so ugly then why is she dating a hotty like brad pitt! I a gald that sh e is having another baby! I bet she is a great mom! In this is 2 u CANADA! the one that says CANADA! Just leave them alone! Don’t be a hateror a bitch!

  36. Fiabigfan Says:


  37. texas Says:

    who cares if she’s pregnant again? and yeah, she is nice to all those people in the other countries but all that she does good is overlooked ever since she decided to hook up with brad while he was STILL married. after that my admiration for her and him went down the drain. they’re nothing but cheaters. and if it happened once, it’ll probably happen again.

  38. bleh Says:

    no she aint. she hates kids. TRUST Me! shiloh will have some competition if angelina is pregnant

  39. sdfgfsd Says:

    uuuhhhhhhhh are brad and angelina a married couple? did they break up? are tom cruise and whats-her-face still together? answer my quiestions i seroiasly dont know

  40. princess11 Says:

    I can beat that all of these nasty haters that are commenting on Angie actually would like to be in her position, Why? Because when someone HATES another for who they are its because they can’t be like them PERIOD!!!!!! So obviously if your calling her UGLY then YOU TOO MUST BE REALLY UGLY, because she is very beautiful and there is absolutely nothing wrong with what she looks like you pathetic MORONS..I give the women props for all her efforts she has contributed towards..So all you low lives that aint worth as half as what she is worth GO AND GET YOURSELF A MAKEOVER AND WHILE YOUR AT IT GET A REAL PAID JOB…

  41. Lawrence Says:

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  44. j rosato Says:

    she’s a slut….screws all her co stars ( men and women) frenched her own brother….she is not worth a damn. and brad leaving Jenn for that????????he must of been on something because look where he’s at now! second fiddle to a slew of kids who aren’t his……does anyone really know who she was pregnant to? gotta admit she gets around!!!!!!!!!!

  45. dee Says:

    I have to say I USED TO love angelia. I thought she was probably the most beautiful woman with such passion. But that all faded when I learned she had an affair with a married man (Pitt). It’s not like no one knew who Pitt was married to. Now to see she admits to trying to have a baby with him before he was divorced……….This after both lied to the press several times trying to hide their affair. I will never watch another Pitt or Jolie movie again. I will not support adultry. Rumors about Jolie being pregnant again>>> No Interest……….Rumors about Pitt wanting Anniston back>>>>>Shame on her if she would take him back after all the lies and public humiliation…….CRIPES Pitt you were still married and didn’t want to hurt Jen….Should have used a condom.

  46. payman Says:

    i love u.please email me from ur new ur pictures.

  47. Steve Says:

    Very well! Your site is neat!

  48. wowtits Says:

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  49. ursala Says:

    hi jolie,
    i think brad pitt and u

  50. Great deeds Says:

    Even JA believes that Pitt did not cheat on her why all you heater believe he did. Angelina did him a great favor by having Pitts kids since Jennifer would not give him any. So I will support their movies since they are very helpful especially to the needy.

  51. teddi Says:

    Angelina Jolie is a very beautiful woman,always has been always will be.I dont care much for brad pitt,but he should thank god everyday that he got angelina,and could thier little girl be any cuter.I hope she is pregnant because her and brad make beautiful babies.

  52. Getting Soma Says:

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  53. If she’s pregnant, she’s pregnant, who cares?

  54. AJ-BPBigFan Says:

    I am excited about AJ-BP pregnant again, another angel coming along to sweep them off their feet. They make gorgeous babies, I am positive they are great parents since they both been through alot of experiences, trials, tribulations and criticisms especially from the public, they truly know as an adult of what they are doing, it made them more mature. And look at them right now, they are still hanging on with their family, and have never given up, and still going strong. They are excellent parents, they have money from hard labor by making movies, and are loving and caring couple towards each other, towards their children, and towards other people like any other normal family out there are doing.

    I personally like being criticize since it will make me a better person, and I would really work hard on raising my children, to be a great parent treating my partner like he’s my better half. I am aware that there are a lot of haters of wonderful people and celebrities like AJ & BP. I say haters should keep doing what they are always doing and saying what they feel about the couple, but there are no promises that it can make them a better person in their personal lives, and the great publicity goes none other to AJ & BP.

    To Angelina & Brad: Good luck to your family, I’m excited for your second biological child, and may you still love each other since living together as a couple is a ‘no bed of roses’.

    To the haters of Angelina & Brad: Grow up, go on with your lives, pray that hatred attitude won’t suck you towards hell, mind your own business, and leave that amiable couple alone!

  55. kayla Says:

    i like what you do to kids that dont have home or food i will do the same think if i were you. thank for what are you doing to those kid.

    i which you and you dont get divorse because you and you man make a cute cuple and i love you. you are one of my faborite actris good

    kayla mabel alvarado

  56. Saetra Says:

    Wow. Some of you people are absolutely pathetic. First of all, if you put all of that energy into hating this one person, whom you don’t even know, maybe you shouldn’t be visiting a site that speaks about her. There’s a thought for you.

    AJ has done great things for the people in other countries. Dont get mad at her for that. If you want to be mad at someone, try aiming that at Madonna for pretty much trying to get a baby from there to get publicity because she knows that she isnt well known anymore. I like Madonna, thats not to bash her but its obvious what she is doing. A lot of people want to follow in the footsteps of AJ.

    She’s human. When 2 people are together and want to have sex and plan to stay together, sometimes, they have a baby. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Should they get married? Yeah, sure, when they are both ready. She’s already been married before, and of course he has too. Its great that they arent rushing and who cares what excuse they have. They have to walk on eggshells because of the media and ignorant people like the “haters”.

    So advice for the day. Get over it, deal with it, ignore it, whatever you have to do that you won’t have to complain so much.

  57. Je Says:

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  58. hoppy Says:


  59. Jet airways Says:

    Preg with twins,,, thats nice whats the name of those twin kids…?

  60. karen Says:

    After what Angelina did….she is repulsive, and Pitt gets uglier by the day..I wish they would adopt some children from hey…LA maybe…instead of 3rd world! Jennifer Aniston is soooooo much better off, that she’s away from this freak of a sooo called family…….no respect for anyone who thinks its ok to seduce anothers husband and to tongue kiss your BROTHER!!! ewwwww!!!! Not a fan.

  61. Emrah Says:

    i Love Angeline Jolie 🙂

  62. JERK Says:

    Who cares.

  63. Dave Says:

    I have never liked large breasts. I have always found small frame, small breasts such a turn on. Preferably A cup, but no more than a B. They are so sexy and alluring, needing very little or no support.
    My fiancée has beautiful 32A breasts, but when we first became friends she would wear padded bras feeling a little inadequate. That all changed after I made a comment about Jennifer Aniston in Friends, when she wore this fluffy white sweater that made her chest quite flat, saying how incredibly sexy she looked. She quizzed me on exactly what I liked about her look, so I told her I liked how cuddly she looked and could fantasize that she wasn’t wearing a bra too!
    A few weeks later Jen came over on my birthday to watch a movie and was wearing jeans and the most amazing white angora sweater. Needless to say, she could see my obvious excitement and guided my hand to her breast asking if really feels that good? As I caressed her braless breasts though her fluffy angora sweater, I moaned that she felt amazing, so perfect, the sexiest woman alive! She said how she loved the soft feel and didn’t want me to stop…… That was the first tune we made love and she kept her soft angora sweater on, much to my pleasure. Now she is so happy with her A breasts, she very rarely wears a bra and has an extensive closet filled with angora sweaters and dresses, even one like Angelina Jolie, that she wants to get married in!!!

  64. anonymous Says:

    nudelina jolie…she is a shameless not she ashamed to be nude in movies which are seen by millions of people…only because of such shameless BITCHES like this..the younger generations are getting spoiled…no one in the world should consider her as a human..she is an animal without sense.. truly speaking…as there is no difference between her and the animals with 5 senses which are always nude…:(..even if one asks her to roam in the streets nude daily..she won’t hesitate to do it…does she not think about her children??..won’t they feel ashamed to say that she is their mother?..even after giving births to children(i think 6)…she is performing nude sex scenes in movies..huh….in tamil , there is a bad word “THEVUDIYA”..which means “ONE WHO HAS THE OCCUPATION OF MAKING SEX(es) WITH LOTS OF PEOPLE”…truly…she is a “thevudiya” and she can hereafter be called as “THEVUDIYA JOLIE”…as she acts in movies only to make sex(es) with many people…..many people feel erotic and feel as if they want to fuck her after seeing her videos..but actually it is not that…if they realise their inner heart… is actually the bad feelings and anger that they have towards her…she may be sexy for them….but not loveable…..both are different from each other…i mean to say…one may feel sexy of her..but one can never love her…not even her husbands and children if you see….till now she had married and divorced around 13 people…this itself shows that she does not marry for running a family but just for having sex with…..i think her aim is to fuck as much people as she can in her life… aim is to write and publish comments like this to the mass media so that everybody can read it……

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