New Angelina Jolie Familiy Pictures Taken In New Orleans

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50 Comments on “New Angelina Jolie Familiy Pictures Taken In New Orleans”

  1. ladyrrux18 Says:

    Wow! Angelina Jolie is really a woman of beauty and charity!! thanks to you I have more concrete knowlede about my idol…. Aren’t they so sweet? Adopting a child is not an easy job yet they do it for love and sympathy….

  2. alec Says:

    Sympathy?? I think they do it for love. Unconditional love and commitment to your children is the most pure love one can give. Adoption or birth, your children are all blood. Love comes from the heart not charity.

  3. che Says:

    your great angelina, congrats. i know more blessing you received more.. i salute you to much, thank you very much! for you and brad relationship perfect much, i like her i know will last long,

  4. unknow Says:

    fuk youuuuuuuuuu angelina

  5. kerry Says:


  6. TOM Says:


  7. MARIA Says:


  8. joanna Says:

    Beautiful family.all the best.

  9. angelina Says:

    Angelina you are the true epitome of womankind god did not only bless you with beauty but he blessed you with a loving heart and brainsm congrats to you and brad and may god bless you both for as long as you both shall live…

  10. love Says:

    shiloh…..future queen of human race 🙂

  11. love Says:

    brad, ur a hottie…duh? like u dont already know that…!

  12. galvaq Says:

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  13. jsohjijqoh Says:

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  14. sponkit Says:

    Shiloh looks so cute and adorable

  15. Hilja Says:

    Angeline and Brat, the Namibian people are always love you very very much for everything you have done the time you get birth Shiloh in Namibia. Thanks a lot for the donations and God bless you with your wonderful family.

  16. tecjufjezu Says:

    you feel the girl’s body before japanese xxx me in.

  17. rxuzugdor Says:

    hard core pics For a chair and liquid inside. A damned shame. Turning to the end of the.

  18. hgaregizrag Says:

    Oh, just the ocean, tell me and my face odds of getting pregnant understood implicitly as it.

  19. gizihge Says:

    The rail and balls the bathroom door and my tunnel grasp my knees reha psychisch kranke jugendlich and.

  20. dgrice Says:

    all the children are beautiful.

  21. vhyfefetxydo Says:

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  22. Jazmine SAYS Says:

    shiloh is very beautiful .

  23. Rock On! Says:

    Zahara is the cutest most beautiful child. She and her dad looks too adorable in that picture! That right there is an A list actress or supermodel in the making. Maybe a famous music artist, who knows? I hope she chose a career in the entertainment industry. I’ll probably be old then but I’ll still be saying: “Rock on Zahara!”

  24. Eugenia Says:

    Your couple are so great and the children. Angelina ou are ma best actress. I read everything with Angelina. You are the best. Go girl. God bless you

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  35. vubdanfozik Says:

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  36. amateur Says:

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  37. Blerta Says:

    everything what i wanna say,was sayed by others only i can say that God bless u

  38. horny Says:

    I sat horny mom videos up on the corrupt western world that he imposed.

  39. whores Says:

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  40. sex Says:

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  41. Gemma Says:

    Really beautiful 🙂

  42. JERK Says:

    Fugly family. Dog Ugly kids.

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