Angelina Jolie Gets A Visit From Rapper Common


Common performed a personalised rap for Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman on the set of their upcoming movie Wanted.

The rapper – real name Lonnie Lynn Jr. – recently spent time with the acting duo shooting the new movie in Prague, but decided to pay them a visit when filming returned to his hometown of Chicago, Illinois.

Lynn performed a rap – inspired by his new album Finding Forever – as a tribute to Jolie and Freeman and also gave them handwritten copies of the lyrics to keep.

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19 Comments on “Angelina Jolie Gets A Visit From Rapper Common”

  1. ben Says:

    I found a picture of Angelina by a british art student. I think the likeness
    is very good. Do you agree ? If so, please vote for it.



  2. werievents Says:

    Very nice actions

  3. Rod Says:

    I understand Angelina in some ways. But, I just wished so hard that she would help her people first that is need of medical care and homes here in the U.S. I am not even born in this country, but I sympathized for this country as well. I mean if I had the same amount of money, family reputation, relation with the film industry, I would have done the same thing by helping others, but not that way. Adopting children around the world etc. What would happen after raising those children? Someone else and pampered raised adopted children’s by celebrities and wealthy people! Are you kidding me! Why not build shelters or orphanage here in America? You don’t have to keep adopting, it’s not going to change the value of child except grow up around the media!! Are you KIDDING ME!? Come ON Angelina! Use your head!

    I’m from the Philippines and been in shelters and I know how it’s like to live in a 3world country. Been there suffered, but by taking away a child shows that you pick and choose, what about the rest? Why can’t you just built more stability for children to adopt an orphanage here in America then you can go and build more somewhere else? Unbelievable! You are playing god.

    Which shows what exactly? This is a dissapointment. Mother Theresa didn’t have to give out money nor adopt children she was there when no was there for her people. I just wish these celebrities would stop doing that. Being in a shelter and witness horrendous things wasn’t easy. America gave me the opportunity to live and be free, but I still worked hard for what I have now. What Angie’s doing is mind-boggling…I am not here to comment on not helping others, but it’s not justified what she is doing by adopting this children or other celebrities. What are they trying to prove? To be helpful? To show you are a Saint by adopting a child from another country and be surrounded by the media? Do you really think that their point of view would be the same as the other children from their country!!

  4. sher Says:

    let her do what she wants to do long as she isnt hurting anyone! she does do charity work, dont expect more. If she adopted someone from another country and not her own, well thats her choice, her way of thinking.. who r u to judge? just becoz u grew up in a shelter urself doesnt give u any right to become a critic! comeon man. She doesnt have to prove anything, shes already proven herself.
    Dont compare her with mother tressa… lol,.. thats not very mature of u dude.

  5. The drawing doesn’t really look like her. It looks more like many of the people who call themselves lookalikes just because they have full lips. Take Megan Fox for example, the comparisons to Angelina are just ridiculous. Megan Fox looks nothing like Angelina. She’s compared just because she has full lips; but her lips are a different shape from Angelina’s. She’s also compared because of her eye color but her eyes don’t have the same intensity as Angelina’s. So you can’t call someone a lookalike just because they have full lips and blue/green eyes is like .

  6. exclusive Says:

    OMG….did you guys seen this??i hope is just a joke :((((
    angelina jolie’s twins were kidnapped :(((

    please god make this be not treu or im gonna die :((((

  7. angel Says:

    I agree with Common, but for different reasons. Angelino hurt more than she helped. The family of her baby girl (Zaraha I think, forget the name). They actually want the baby back. They were just in need of some help. She didn’t help them by taking their child from them. She couldof provided the entire family with some assistance. They were down and she took advantage of that in my opinion.

  8. EvCo3 Says:

    Common can rap i didnt no that

  9. horiwood Says:

    Common is so cool! What a moment with Angie and Morgan Freeman too… After the Emmys, Angelina Jolie’s star waxes bright in Hwood… Angie is number 1 in Hollywood News Topics Today… she makes a strawberry look juicy!

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  11. Angelina jolie is so cool. I hope she gets married to Bradd Pitt.. They will look great as a married couple.

    Their kids will have the most powerful and richest parents in the whole hollywood!!

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  15. Terri R Says:

    I just love your blog !!!

  16. Aldrich Says:

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  17. sareserve Says:

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