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Angelina Jolie’s Family Express Joy At New Arrival

June 9, 2006

Angelina Jolie’s elder brother James Haven has expressed his joy at seeing his sister so happy and content.



Brad Pitt’s Parents in Africa to See Angelina Jolie & Shiloh, Jon Voight Still Ignored

June 5, 2006


Brad Pitt's parents had to travel half way around the world to see their son's girlfriend Angelina Jolie and meet their granddaughter Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt.  According to a report from the UK, Bill and Jane Pitt arrived in Namibia via private plane on Friday.


Brad Pitt Worries as Angelina Jolie has Early Contractions

May 20, 2006


As reports continue to come in from Namibia that Angelina Jolie is near birth a report from Life & Style details that the puffy-lipped mom has been having contractions for nearly two weeks and that has Brad Pitt very worried.

On May 9, Brad's brother Doug Pitt was overheard saying that Angie was having early contractions.


Brad Pitt Family: We Are Not Angry With Angelina Jolie

May 18, 2006

Brad Pitt's Missouri family is trying to squash rumors that they are angry with Brad's pregnant and unmarried girlfriend Angelina Jolie.  Published reports have been saying for some time now that Brad is upset that the family still is chatty with ex-wife Jennifer Aniston.


The Angelina Jolie Family

March 31, 2006

Son – Maddox Chivan Thornton Jolie

Father – Jon Voight

Mother – Marcheline Bertrand

Brother – James Haven Voight

Uncle – Chip Taylor

Ex-husband (1995 – 1999)
Jonny Lee Miller

Ex-husband (1999 – 2003)
Billy Bob Thornton