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Angelina Jolie travels to see dying mother

June 22, 2006

(Marcheline Bertrand and ex-Jon Voight)

Angelina Jolie has taken her baby daughter Shiloh Nouvel to see her dying mother.



Angelina Jolie Dreading Jennifer Aniston and the Paparazzi Wars

June 10, 2006

As Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt gear up for their return to Malibu one report claims all is not rosy. The new mom is dreading all that comes with the return to the US, including having to face Jennifer Aniston and the paparazzi wars in Los Angeles.


Brad Pitt Family: We Are Not Angry With Angelina Jolie

May 18, 2006

Brad Pitt's Missouri family is trying to squash rumors that they are angry with Brad's pregnant and unmarried girlfriend Angelina Jolie.  Published reports have been saying for some time now that Brad is upset that the family still is chatty with ex-wife Jennifer Aniston.


Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt To Birth In Namibia

April 6, 2006


The arrival of the Hollywood heavyweight couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Namibia has ignited a media frenzy. International photogs have started arriving in the country in their quest to snatch a lucrative snapshot of the two actors. Speculation is rife that Angelina, who is reported to be eight months pregnant, will give birth to her and actor Brad Pitt's baby at a private lodge in Namibia. This contradicts earlier reports that Jolie planned to have the baby in France, in accordance with her mother Marcheline Betrand's wishes. Betrand reportedly wanted her daughter to maintain a "circle of life" by having her first baby in the homeland.


Angelina Jolie Kicks Brad Pitt to the Couch?

April 4, 2006


This story will be in The Star later this week.

The report will claim that sources say that poor Brad is sleeping alone- because Angelina Jolie, his seven and a half months pregnant girlfriend, has banished him to the living room couch into their rented $50,000-a-month Paris Apartment.

It appears the couple are spending more time apart as Pitt just took his second trip without Jolie and the pair are now splitting time between Paris and the South of France.


Why Angelina Jolie Won’t Marry Brad Pitt

March 30, 2006


A report set for release Friday says that the last wedding plans were all set – and Brad is desperate to get hitched – but Angelina did not want to have any type of ceremony without her mom present.

So – no mom, no wedding.


Angelina’s Mother Flies in for Baby Birth

March 29, 2006


Angelina Jolie has flown her dying mother from Los Angeles to Paris so they can be together her for the birth of her child. The actress, who is pregnant with lover Brad Pitt's baby, arranged for her cancer stricken mum, French actress Marcheline Betrand, to travel out to the city.However, when Betrand arrived she decided it was too cold and wet in the French capital so decided to jet to a chateau in the south of France with her daughters' two adopted children Maddox and Zahara. Angelina has decided to give birth in the European country as a tribute to her mother – who wants her to maintain a "circle of life" by delivering her child there.

A source revealed: "Angelina is very close to her mother and so she wanted her to be there for the birth. "Angelina has been having regular check-ups at a hospital in Paris and it is expected that she will give birth within the next few weeks."