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Angelina Jolie To Star In ‘Sin City’ Sequel

June 20, 2006

We told you this back in March…

(via EW) Let's try something new: I'm going to pretend I'm not completely obsessed with little Zahara Jolie-Pitt — although I have to ask, how can that much cuteness be squeezed into such a tiny package? — and get back to discussing the creative output of the world's most glamorous couple. Sound good?



Rosario Dawson confirms Angelina Jolie for Sin City 2

March 16, 2006


Rosario Dawson has confirmed rumours that Angelina Jolie will star in the sequel to Sin City. Director Robert Rodriguez wants Angelina to play the lead in the “A Dame to Kill for” story.

“The film’s kind of been postponed because Robert has been interested in Angelina Jolie for the lead,” Rosario revealed recently.

“But she’s very pregnant right now. So that’s putting an understandable hold on the film.”

Production is expected to start in the summer.