Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Leading Separate Lives?

Since their return to the states after Angelina Jolie gave birth to baby Shiloh, she and Brad Pitt have rarely been seen in public together.  She is giving interviews to Anderson Cooper while a few weeks later he is in New Orleans with Ann Curry.

Brad and Angie Rarely Spotted Together (Image: x17)
Brad and Angie Rarely Spotted Together (Image: x17)

Brad is spotted all around Los Angeles tooling on his bike, but Jolie is rarely viewed outside of the compound.

So – what gives?  A story in Life & Style suggests that the two are both so busy with their separate causes and their work that that barely have time for each other.


Like many busy American couples the pair are living together but leading separate lives, the article suggests.

A friend of Angelina’s tells the magazine that she said of Brad, “He’s doing so much, I can’t keep track of it.”  The report claims that Brad wanted Jolie by his side when he went to New Orleans, but she didn’t want to make the trip with all three kids.  And she certainly didn’t want to leave them at home with a nanny.

So Brad went to New Orleans alone.


And Angelina, despite earlier reports that she might take some time off and be a stay at home mom for a while has increased her schedule.

She’s signed on for some voice work in “Kung Fu Panda” and a has a blockbuster role in “A Mighty Heart”  lined up.  Brad is busy on Oceans 13 as well.

This is one busy couple.


Gone are the days of lounging around Europe playing in parks.

Will it take its toll on the couple’s relationship?  That’s hard to say, but they do seem as competitive now in real life as they were in their in character in Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

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5 Comments on “Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Leading Separate Lives?”

  1. xoxo1791 Says:

    you wish!

  2. Jeff Says:

    Puke! That vainy 4 legged spider body. She’s one big vain. she really thinks it’s all sexy tatoo’d up like that.

  3. Miki Says:

    Not surprised.

  4. Arleen Keil Says:

    This is only the beginning! Poor Brad. He will eventually get tired of always having to give in to her wants and needs, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if she doesn’t go back to her lesbian lover and her first husband, whom is probably a good guy also.

  5. Jerk Says:

    He needs to leave Piglina forever. And get tested for stds.

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