Angelina Jolie Baby Shower Pictures



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77 Comments on “Angelina Jolie Baby Shower Pictures”

  1. Miki Says:

    By looking closely at her belly I wonder where’s those tattoo gone? Was it a fake just to draw attention? Unless they’ve really gone down as in Downtown…lol.

  2. hil Says:

    awww… that’s so cute!!!

  3. letty Says:

    Just as we all like to see between Brad and Ange….. one very happy and lovable couple.
    They will surely last with their love and respect with one another.

  4. Miki Says:

    Wouldn’t you wanted to post these pics before their baby arrived? Hhhmmmm. Some very calculating move. Sorry the but the limelight is on NICOLE KIDMAN and KEITH URBAN as they’ve recently just tied the knot. You could learn a thing or two from them. Anyways, it looks like there was no one else there with you two to celebrate the baby shower. Do you have any friends Ange?

  5. SF Says:

    Who knows whether they’ll last or not. He left Gwyneth for Jennifer Aniston (after he got engaged to her) and then he left Jen for Angelina (reportedly since Jen could not conceive and Angie was mother-of-two (adopted) children) because he was dying to have a family. He goes from one beautiful woman to another, dumping one after the other for his happiness. Anyway, that’s what it looks like. Let’s hope Angelina won’t be dumped.

  6. freddie O Says:

    boy are you mis-informed Jen got him on the rebound when Brad’s heart was broken by Gywneth when Jen and Brad went to parties together he was alway’s across the room she seemed to be so into her-self and I was at some of those parties and Angelina couldn’t have stole him if he was in love with Jen it just wasn’t there they were more like good friend’s than husband and wife and yes Brad is a great guy as for Jen she’s nice to but they were so different.
    And your right who know’s if they’ll last but we do know he has a real connection with Angie and of course their family.

  7. Monique Says:


  8. Lola Says:

    for sure their not gonna last because they’re just some dumb “big” celebrities..and i heard that ange is gonna adopt a new baby! from TIBET??? what the hell? welcome to the adams family bitches…

  9. c.trinity Says:

    They look so happy.

  10. Miki Says:

    I thought these pics were stolen? Probably by their publicists. lol.

  11. Jolie Says:

    Yes, these pics are stolen. The whole memory stick was stolen and they are threatening legal actions against anyone who uses/publishes them. Might be a good idea to take them down…

  12. amir Says:

    her child is not beautiful like her. she is very cute.i like her, i want to kiss her for all night. when may be in paradise.

  13. Miki Says:

    Like I said before, if these pics are stolen maybe one of the kids (Mad and Zahara) did it, just to get back at them for not offering their first pics to the highest bidder like their sister. lol.

  14. r u like a stalker or somtin

  15. wealthbuildertip Says:

    more pics oh how sweet. Poor kids hope they don’t get some sort of Complex issue when they grow up 😉

  16. createsomthing Says:


  17. name Says:


  18. name Says:


  19. name Says:


  20. Stephie Says:

    Just a little note to say good for you to whoever has the memory card with the pictures on it. Personally I feel it is a crime to sell your childs pictures for money, even if it is to go to charity. Children are not something to make a buck off, they are to be cherished and loved. I am a 20 year old mother of 2 and no matter how much money some one offered I would never sell pics of them. Shame of both Angelina and Brad..

  21. elitist Says:

    As to the first comment:
    Shame on them for being able to sell something harmless– something that would have been sold by someone at some point anyway– to feed and clothe thousands of people? Uh, no, I don’t think so. Shame on anyone who can make something bad out of that.

  22. Miki Says:

    I knew those tattoos on her belly were fake. It amazes me how much this psycho will do for attention. lol.

  23. Anon Says:

    Does Zahara ever smile?

  24. Lisahhh Says:

    Whatever they plan to do is their choice. Who really cares how they make their money? If it’s bad, we’ll see them on the sleigh to hell lol hahah

  25. Lone Says:

    To be honest! I admire this couple, basically because they sold the first pictures of their baby, and gave the money to less fortunate people. That is truely a wonderful gesture, something we all can learn from! I think that Angelina has done so well as an ambasedour for the UN. So I ask you all, what have u done???

    Shame on u for beeing so envious, I’m thankful that some celebs make an effort to help where help is needed!

    So, take a good look in the mirror before u judge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Miki Says:

    So sad that they have to use their child to benefit some charity. Why wouldnt they just cough up the money from their own pocket instead of selling her pics to the highest bidder? What? Cant they afford 4million dollars? lol. Think of what this child will think of when shes all grown up, that she was only worth 4million dollars nothing more and nothing less, which by then 4million dollars will be nothing. I thought your own flesh and blood is priceless. What a way to raise money for charitys.

  27. I can’t resist a good celebrity pic and these shower shots are cool.. They really look like they are having a great time– seems genuine to me!

  28. Vanessa Says:

    Why do people have to pay to see your damn baby. That’s is supposed to be a gift for you and to share a loving child. You want some one to pay all that money to see your baby and ya consider yourself being rich. Maybe if you stop adopting all the damn kids maybe you will have some money.But for know it look like ain’t got none.Some people out here ain’t got any money people get on there knees to work.And you want someone to pay all that money to see that child.Come on now be real Angelina Jolie I used to like you but know you is a BITCH

  29. Miki Says:

    Yeah, with all the millions they have wouldn’t you think that they’ll cough up the 4million dollars instead of letting some gossip magazines bid for it?

  30. Yasnaia Says:

    I really admire this couple. Brad left Jen because they grew apart as a couple and she was always very distant form the public and the fans, Brad always have to apologize for his ex wife’s behavior and Jen was too bussy with her careerd to think about having babies and he decided it was time. Life is too short to be miserable. So what if they sold their pics? they did it for the most unfortunate and that is a way of giving back from all the blessings they do have. People that talk all this trash are just envious and need to get a life. Congratulations to the couple for the courage to give a home to these kids and for having their own.

  31. Yasnaia Says:

    And I believe Vanessa is just envious. Get a life!

  32. kublakhan Says:

    Wow! How did someone make these pictures and get away without getting caught – or experiencing the consequences… no more friends with the Pitt’s/Jolie’s

  33. amz Says:

    the tattoos on her belly are not fake…they are on the other side which you cannot see in this pic

    the first pictures of the baby were gonna make someone a lot of money….why shouldnt the money go to charity to help people that need it instead of some evil papparazzi thats stalked their family

  34. Miki Says:

    On the other side? Where? Hmmm. On her ass? lmao. That tattoo was right across the belly last time she flash it for the world to see. I think it was a fake. Just to draw more attention to her sicko self. lmao.

  35. Missy Says:

    You’re talking about shame on them for using their daughter to raise $ for starving children…you’re so quick to judge..what are you doing? And I saw or read an interview lately about AJ and she gives 1/3 of her paycheck to UNICEF

  36. Liz Says:

    I think it’s great that Angelina & Brad are so happy. I can’t help but admire them; for adopting, for their charity work with the UN, ONE campaign, worldwide education, etc. & for taking that $4 Million that would have gone to some slimy paparrazzi who got some half-ass picture of Shiloh and giving it to charity. That money will benefit SO many people who don’t have even a fraction of what all of us sitting at our computers have. And all you can do is criticize them for it.

    She DOES give not only 1/3 of her paycheck, but over 1/3 of ALL her earnings to UNHCR. I wish I made the kind of money she does so I could help as many people as she does.

    I’m so sick of everyone talking sh*t about her. Apparently, everyone is jealous.

  37. Real News Says:

    Yes, you are right…people are just jealous and it’s a true shame that they can’t just revel in the joy that she obviously shares with Brad and ALL of her babies. She is a ture inspiration to me as well as my daughter and all of her young teen friends for the wonderful charitable work she does. Her beauty is more than skin deep.

  38. shell Says:

    To MIKI – you need to find yourself a life other than bitchin about Brad and Ange, you have more entries here than anyone! This is the first time I have seen this website, and you pissed me off.
    To the happy couple – “congrats” on everything. They are making the best out of this synical and superficial world that we all live in. I have tattoos and adopted children. You dont get tattoos to “draw attention to yourself”. They are for you and you only.Not for the world to see and discuss about. As for their children. If you took a week out of your life to see how the other half live in poverty, and you have the means and resoures to do something about no matter how small or insignficant it may be. then do it. Maybe you should take a leaf out of Brad and Angelinas book. Do something that betters us all and not just yourself.

  39. Scott Says:

    The press have gone overboard with this couple. Many times after watching the news I think to myself “leave these two alone for 10 seconds!” They are famous, good looking, and rich…so what? Aren’t they entitled to just a square inch of privacy too?

  40. ceren Says:

    ı love you anjolina and baby is very are to look like your baby. ıhope you were turkey.

  41. arielle grier Says:

    brad and angelina i love all of your pix and movies but my favorite iz mr. & mrs.smith if u need another child email me (

  42. kristina Says:

    sorry to be ignorant but what is a “baby shower”? I dont see any showers anywhere? is it an American terminology?

    Lovely pics tho’ 🙂

  43. Quynh Says:

    fuckin zahara all jealous dat they won’t payatention to her shiloh look great……….. weel any way dat the kids gonna grown up they take drug they smoke zahara a stripper…. maddox in gangs…. and shiloh a hustla…jk….but warning they gonna be like da HILTON sis….especially shiloh!

  44. jennifer Says:

    I agree with you scott!!!! they need family time. All this every day crap people give them is crazy…

  45. silversprite Says:

    I don’t think they should have done the Africa thing; here in the Outer Hebrides would have been more suitable. Pictures and description why here:

  46. Get.It.Right Says:


    For those who judge while being misinformed. These photos were stolen from Angelina Jolie. The photographer is her brother, and apparently his digital camera broke. He took it in to the repair shop and that party decided to post her private photos online. The police have been involved in apprehending the subjects.

    Also, on the baby picture issue… let’s keep in mind they’re the most widely sought after celebrities on the planet. It is inevitable that some paparazzi would eventually get ahold of pictures of their newborn. We’re talking about a profession that would break into a mortuary to take pictures of the late River Phoenix, including rearranging his corpse just to sell some magazines! So, if they can beat the paparazzi to the punch and do some good by selling those pictures (which would have been published anyways) then more power to them!

    BTW, Jolie does donate millions of dollars to numerous charities a year. I have read that she says she “lives on 1/3, saves 1/3 and donates 1/3 to charity” every year.

    Everyone should get their facts straight before they go on a tangent online. I would certainly appreciate it.

  47. mom of 2 Says:

    This family is absolutely beautiful…and a true inspiration that the rest of the world (especially Miki) should follow by example. And they do deserve their privacy as much as you and I do but such is the life of a celebrity…they just have to find ways to defeat the papparazzi and in the end help out the charities-just as they have done.
    Miki appears that he needs a life or some anger management because he is obsessing about ang’s tattoos-who cares?-and that ang and brad did a horrible thing by selling the pictures of shiloh for money-again, who cares?-something awesome came out of that. millions of dollars to charities that the papparazzi would NOT be donating anytime soon…. how about you Miki-have millions of dollars to donate to charity yourself-didn’t think so.
    ang and brad, keep doing what you’re doing. you guys are awesome!!!

  48. cassandra elliott Says:

    i would love to see more pics of baby shiloh and more piocs of all of you guys together angie you have a beautiful family and i hope to see you two together for a long time

  49. Miki Says:

    Bet the only people at the baby shower was angie whorelie, her brother (her secret lover…. lol) and brad…lmao, cause she doesnt have any friends.

  50. Allyonthego Says:

    They look so happy and they make a beautiful couple. I look forward to seeing them evolve.

  51. Kara Says:

    Are you people REALLY that stupid t think that this is ANGIE (not ange) This is like the idiot blog. #1 The photos only show a small part of the shower, its only of two people, opening gifts…
    and yeah…Zaharah was the one who released the photos. And good lord, baby shower is not an american thing. Nice try with your “innicent” comment. Sheesh

  52. Walter .c Says:

    My family would be happy if I can guarantee them food on the table.
    There are not enough hours in a day for some of us.
    Some are drunk and some are dying for a drop.

  53. TeeTee Says:

    Angelina Jolie’s tattoo is on the lower left hand side of her body. The picture is taken of her lower right hand side of her body. Her tattoo hasn’t gone anywhere. It’s covered by cloth and the angle of her body.

  54. Patrice Says:

    I Live in the Bahamas and i love Angelina and Brad Pitt they make a wonderful couple and who don’t love them big deal. Their three children are very beautiful and i also love what they are doing for the unfortunate people around the world. Angelina and Brad keep up the good work because BAHAMAS love you guys.

    with love from Nassau, Bahamas

  55. sponge_bob Says:

    I hate you Both, Ange you’re a home breaker, I used to like you and brad so much but not anymore, don’t understand why can’t you find someone who can raise and adopt you and your family who is not a married guy? what goes around comes around biatch

  56. veronica Says:

    Brad, you were my favorite actor in the whole world. I loved how you played so many different roles and you actually seemed crazy in 12 monkeys. I forgave you when you married Jennifer Aniston even though she was just an average woman and you could be with some exotic woman. Then you disappointed me even more when you got Angelina Jolie knocked up within months of divorcing your wife. Even though I don’t like Jennifer Aniston I don’t think it was very classy of you to do this. First of all what kind of woman doesn’t want to get married. There is something wrong with that. Brad you are getting old now, you are still hot but old. You better find someone who is going to be there to age with you and care about you. Maybe if thinks don’t work out with angelina you could go on I think there are still plenty of women out there for you that won’t mind your wrinkled balls

  57. arash kharrat Says:

    I like you very much.

  58. courtney Says:

    hey, i think you two are so cut, your going to be great parents im sure. your baby shiloh was born on b-day.made me happy being that im a huge fan of both.i really hope brad comes to his sinses and marries you angelina your so gorgeous,he needs to make the story complete,you deserve it.

  59. chris Says:

    how dare any of you judge angie and brad. your all so perfect in your lives that you can pass judgement on these two people !!! angie and brad do nothing but go to work raise there children and try to help man kind in different ways, and you judge them on how they meet. go back to your perfect lives and leave them alone.

  60. kalani Says:

    I love her so much… she is my role moble she is amazing.. er and brad are soo cute together they are perfect for one another!!!!!!

  61. shana Says:

    ur baby is so pretty and i hope i could see u soo in toronto face to face

  62. circe Says:

    I say to just let them be..and focus on your lives first and then judge others.

  63. doss Says:

    play movies



  66. happy Says:

    angelina ia a bloody home breaker…its in her blood…her father did it as well..

    she will never be able to hold up this relationship and would be hated by all

  67. happy Says:

    her daughters husband will aslo leave her for another woman……..time comes full circle

  68. Sanjay Says:

    Angelina Jolie’s tattoo is on the lower left hand side of her body.

  69. […] ….. any way dat the kids gonna grown up they take drug they smoke zahara a stripper??. … taking shower …Stock photo, image, picture, photography of Girl taking […]

  70. MARIA ALEJA Says:

    me paresio muy lindo aunq soy muy fanatica a los bebes y me parecen muy hermosos los bebes de angelina jolie

  71. Victoria Bates Says:

    Can anyone here spell??????!

  72. Victoria Bates Says:

    Do you really read english?? Certainly can’t spell English. Get with the program.

  73. Victoria Bates Says:

    byt the way Jolie is racist she only adopts blacks!

  74. Jerk Says:

    The pictures are UGLY. Angelina&her kids are FUGLY. BURN THE PHOTOS. MUHAHAHAHAHA

  75. It sounds like you’re creating problems yourself by trying to solve this issue instead of looking at why

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